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GR1ND 1T English speaking crew.

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We are looking for new crewmembers.


We started off a few months back, now we have 100+ crewmembers on SocialClub, 15+ active members on Discord and 50+ members in our Steam group

What are our requirements?

    [*] Being able to learn from eachother, help eachother out, give back what you get!
    [*] Every timezone/Nationality is accepted. All ages are accepted.

What do we offer?

    [*] A fun and usefull Discord server.
    [*] Crewmeetings, and gr1nd sessions, taking turns in ressuplying etc.
    [*] A crew that branches out to other games, we are not limited to GTA.
    [*] If you prove to be a nice addition to our crew, you will be able to help us build the crew!

We are simply looking for gamers/GTA players to form a fun community.
Even if you dont have a microphone, its verry usefull to join our discord server.
We post information about crewmeets on there etc.
If you want to join, add me on steam or go to one of these links:
GR1ND 1T !    

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